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About the Korean Academy Audiology

The Korean Academy of Audiology (KAA) is a leading organization that represents professionals involving the sciences of hearing, balance, and speech and related disorders in South Korea. The KAA promotes professional excellence in hearing health care through advocacy, high ethical standard, best practice guideline, good quality of education, and advanced research on behalf of our members and people having hearing and communication difficulties. Our membership consists of various individuals working in different professional settings such as private centers, schools, manufacturers, hospitals, and research institutes. The main activities of the KAA are as follows.

• Holding annual and regular meetings
• Publishing the journal “Audiology and Speech Research” four times per year
• Leading high quality practices and supervisions
• Organizing and supporting national and international conferences
• Providing continuing education and advanced training workshops
• Operating commissions, executive committees, and boards
• Recognizing awards and honorary members

Mission and Vision


To achieve better human health and welfare, lead a high quality education, advanced research, and successful collaboration, and enhance professional practice in audiology


Our vision is to develop and share the best values as follows.
1. Dedication: To provide superior quality of healthcare services for people with hearing and balance disorders
2. Professionalism: To establish professional and academic expertise with the highest standards in the fields of audiology through continuing education, advanced training, and researches
3. Leadership: To develop national and international activities and collaborations
4. Mutual partnership: To promote active communication and cooperative and harmonious relationships among members
5. Advocacy: To support public outreach programs and raise public awareness and recognition of Audiology


  • 10th (2021 ~ 2025) President Jin-sook Kim
  • 9th (2020 ~ 2021) President Chul-Hee Choi
  • 8th (2018 ~ 2019) President Chul-Hee Choi
  • 7th (2016 ~ 2017) President Chul-Hee Choi
  • 6th (2014 ~ 2015) President Hyunsook Jang
  • 5th (2012 ~ 2013) President Kyoungwon Lee
  • 4th (2010 ~ 2011) President Jin-sook Kim
  • 3th (2008 ~ 2009) President Dukhwan Lim
  • 2th (2006 ~ 2007) President Junghak Lee
  • 1th (2004 ~ 2005) President So Hyeon Cho